The ultimate running program

The 105 Smart Running system is based on the following principles, with which you can accomplish virtually any running goal that you put your mind to. The five SMART principles also coincide with the Maslow hierarchy of need, not in the same order, but all are covered.


S- Social
A-Assisted structure
T-Tried and tested


Do you like to go running by yourself, with a friend, or with a group of people?

If you like to run by yourself, no problem, just follow your program.

However, with the traditional running programs you can not go out with friends on the wrong day, with 105 Smart Running you can go on a run with other people and run any session you want, basically whenever you want.


Every session in 105 Smart Running is based on the number 105, so it is really manageable and easy to remember.
A session can be 3x10,5 minutes speed work or 105 minutes of slower running.

It can also be based around, for instance, 10,5 km of running.

Even if you forget your program at home or your phone runs out of batteries, you will have an easy time remembering your workout.


Having read the “social” bullet point above, one might think that there is not a structure to follow in 105 Smart Running.

Things couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The 105 is very structured, but with the help of a coach with whom you will be in contact on a daily basis if needed, to make sure your progress is going the right way and to ensure you stay injury free.


The 105 Smart Running concept is based on real life, real life with results.

We all have different life situations and it is important that we all go about our running in a way that suits us.

Generic programs that are supposed to “fit all” don’t fit anyone. Instead, we make sure that you have a program that is alive, changeable, and based on real life. YOUR life.


The 105 Smart Running system was invented in 2010 by Thomas Alm, a then non runner who started from scratch and more or less made all the mistakes that a runner can make, then changed and tweaked the program to what you can use successfully today so that you don’t have to make those same mistakes.

So, how does it work?

Choose your program, how much time and effort do you need and want from your coach?

Schedule a call with your coach and decide which goals are reasonable to start with.

You choose a starting point, your coach gets to work and you get a training schedule that will, of course, be changed during your journey according to your personal needs.

Choose your plan

USD $1,138

1 on 1 coaching weekend with the coach....

USD $683

Complete your workouts and stay in text contact with your personal trainer via WhatsApp...

USD $455

Get a personalized training program, speak on the phone with your coach to plan...


on taking this journey to a healthier life, a better you, and to the first step in reaching your goals!