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Welcome to 105 Days to Heaven!

Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life?!

The program consists of

A daily power walk, every day for 105 days.

Measuring and weighing all your food for the full period. Note that no calorie counting is needed,
although in your nutrition plan it will be included so that you can get an overview of how it works!
The exact calories per meal have already been carefully planned for you!

Gym or bodyweight/resistance band workouts, ranging from two times a week for the easiest, to daily on the hardest

Every Sunday after your last meal you will send your weight to the coach, this is so that you don’t get your weight too low, as that will be counter productive, we want you to be fit and in the shape of your life, not to go on a diet Biggest Loser style!

Before the program starts you will need

A scale to weigh yourself so you are able to report your weight to the coach every week

A scale to weigh your food (remember, always raw the food raw and not frozen!)

If you are doing the bodyweight program, you need three resistance bands of different colors (resistance)

After the start date is set, you will receive nutrition and training plans as follows

Period 1: Week 1-2
Period 2: Week 3-7
Period 3: Week 8-10
Period 4: Week 11-15
You will be in constant communication with your coach via WhatsApp where the coach will answer all your questions and adjust your nutritional intake according to how you feel. The goal is to answer you within 24 hours but no less than 48 hours during the full 105 day period.

What about day 106 and beyond? Don’t worry, you will not need to count calories at any point! Instead, you will receive the 105DTH program AFTERLIFE, an easy and effective way to keep your fitness on point and be healthy and strong for the rest of your life!

Welcome to 105 Days to heaven and your new life!

First, make sure that you want to commit to this 105 day program. It is a program that is very controlled, but it guarantees you results and a better understanding of fitness and health. It is an investment in yourself, and an investment for life!

First, choose one of these four options

state-of-the-art training

redefine your workout


Tap into advanced techniques for muscle growth, ensuring balanced and aesthetic results.


Our program emphasizes overall well-being, targeting cardiovascular health and mental wellness.


Harness the power of free weights for functional strength and muscle coordination. Suitable for all levels.

full body workouts that leave you energized

go beyond your limits

commit to health and fitness

challenge yourself. take it to the next level.